Volunteer Information

Table of Contents:

  1. Admission / Ticket Information
  2. Activities & Games (instructions, rules, guidelines)
  3. Concession Sales
  4. Setup / Clean-up

Sign-Up Online

Sign-up to volunteer with the Harvest Carnival at our Sign-Up online: https://goo.gl/5DYLzE

Silent Auction Donations

Contact Kat Maggio

Supply Donations

Here is a list of things we are hoping to get / borrow. Please email Jim Krill if you are willing to let us borrow these items. Thank you!

  1. Two Large Rugs / Blankets (for under the front of the bounce house where kids take their shoes off)
  2. Two Pedestals (small, maybe 2.5 – 3 feet tall. for monster mash game to put masks on)
  3. Long Speaker Cable (50+ feet) 2-4 are needed. XLR or Speak-On cables.
  4. Plastic Folding Tables (like these)