Concession Sales

Concessions (food, desserts and drinks) will be available in the cafeteria.

Concession Purchase Information

This year, in an attempt to have a more enjoyable experience, concession purchases will happen a little different. A “concession lane” will be used to make food choices and purchases. You will enter the lane and make your food/dessert/drink choices and then get in line to pay the cashier at the end of the lane.

Please be respectful of our limited space in the cafeteria and be patient with others as they make their food choices and with the line to pay for your items. Please talk to your children about not cutting in line, and making sure they have the right amount of money/tickets when they enter the food lane to keep the line flowing. Thank you!

You may pay with tickets (worth $0.50 each), cash or credit card. There will be two payment lines: Cash/Tickets and Credit Card.

Food Prices

Food can be purchased using tickets, cash, or credit card.

Food Price or Tickets
Caramel Apple $2.00 4
Baked Goods (bake sale) $0.50 1
Popcorn $1.00 2
Pizza Slice $2.00 4
Water $1.00 2
Cotton Candy $1.00 2
Popsicle $0.50 1
Hot Dog w/bun $1.50 3