Winter 2018-2019

Woodstock Elementary After School Programs

Dear Woodstock Families,

Thank you for your interest in the after school programs!  This is information about the programs offered at our school.  You can get additional information online at the class website or by contacting the instructor.  


Registration information is included with the class description.  Many classes offer online registration but there are also registration forms available at the school front office.  

Dismissal procedures:

At the 2:30 dismissal bell, Woodstock teachers will escort students to the gym where their after school instructor will take them to the room where their program will be held. Please be sure to arrange for your child to be picked up on time at the end of class. Woodstock School cannot provide care for your child after the end of class.     


The PTA membership voted to allocate funds for after school class scholarships. We want every student to have the opportunity to take after school classes, so if your child is interested in participating in an after school program but you don’t feel you can afford it, or if you know of a family that could benefit from this opportunity, please contact the school counselor, Mr. Kosmas, by email ( or give him a call 503.916.6380.

Have an idea for a new class or wish something else was offered?  Let us know!  Send an email to









PTA的会员投票同意为课外班提供奖学金。我们希望每个学生都有机会参加课外班。如果您的孩子有兴趣参加课外班但您无法承担学费的话,或者您知道某个家庭需要奖学金的资助的话,请通过邮件(或电话(503.916.6380)联系学校的咨询老师Mr. Kosmas。

Class Index by Day of the Week


Basketball – Grades 3-5
Portland Drama Club: Theatre Fun – Grades K-1


Chinese Art – Grades K-2
Soccer – Grades K-2


Adventures in Spanish – Grades K-3
Chinese Art – Grades 3-5
Robotics – Grades 3-5
Spanish (Kids Like Languages) – Grades K-5
Yoga – Grades K-3


Make and Take Art – Grades K-5
Motors, Magnets and Wires – Grades 2-3
Musical Theatre – Grades 2-5
Wushu – Grades K-5


Basketball – Grades K-2
Circus – Grades K-5
Mad Science – Grades K-5

Adventures in Spanish – Grades K-3

We understand that children learn best when having fun and feeling successful. We keep that at the heart of every lesson. In our immersion-style, play-based classes, we honor a broad spectrum of learning styles by using unique communication-based games, songs and activities that intrigue students, encourage spoken Spanish, strengthen literacy skills, and increase confidence. Classes are kept small to ensure that each student gets lots of practice and individual attention. Join us today to see what our award-winning Spanish classes are all about!

Dates: September 18 – May 15
Day and Time: Wednesdays, 2:30 – 3:30
Cost: $495 (for 30 weeks)
More information: | 503-284-0610

Basketball – Grades K-2

After school hoops enrichment class – your child will learn athletic fundamentals through progressive drills and fun competitions as well as grow as a person through our programs’ goal of positive reinforcement, mutual respect, and cooperation. Your child will have the best experience learning, sweating, and having fun with One on One!

Dates: January 7 – March 22
Day and time grades K-2: Fridays, 2:30 – 3:45
Day and time grades 3-5: Mondays, 2:30 – 3:45
Where: gym
Cost grades K-2 (Fridays): $175 (11 weeks)
Cost grades 3-5 (Mondays): $145 (9 weeks)
To Register:
More Info:  | | 563-451-7698

Chinese Art – Grades K-5

Students will complete guided art projects/drawings using Chinese art techniques. Teacher Zhang Li has extensive experience teaching Chinese art at Woodstock. Her classes are very engaging as well as inspiring for young aspiring artists!

Dates: January 8 – March 13
Day and Time Grades K-2: Tuesdays, 2:30 – 4
Day and Time Grades 3-5: Wednesdays, 2:30 – 4
Where: TBD
Cost: $95
To Register: Submit registrations forms to or to the Shu Ren mailbox in the front office. Registration form available here:
More Info: 503-887-3149 |

Circus Cascadia: Circus Arts Workshop – Grades K-5

Have you ever wanted to join the circus? Come learn circus skills for all levels and ages! Our workshop is designed to give kids both challenges and success in mastering new skills. This workshop includes clown skills, stilt walking, juggling, unicycling, tight rope, and much more. At the conclusion of the workshop the students will perform their own Circus show!

Dates:  January 11 – March 22
Day and Time: Fridays, 2:30 – 4:00
Where: Cafeteria
Cost: $150
To Register:
More Info: | | 503-806-0210

EG Robotics – Grades 3-5

Join us for winter Robotics to make an awesome robotic arm like in a Tesla factory! Students learn using the same components engineers use: servos, breadboard, and Arduino microprocessors as robotic brains.

Dates: January 9 – March 20
Day and Time: Wednesdays, 2:30 – 4:30
Where: Room 19
Cost: $340
To Register:
More Info:, 971-266-3654,

Mad Science: Morphin’ Molecules – Grades K-5

Have you ever wondered why glow-in-the-dark glows, how to freeze water in seconds, or who put the pop in soda pop? Step into the Mad Science Laboratory to find the answers! Grab a bubbling potion and be amazed as your Mad Scientist unveils the delightful world of Morphin’ Molecules.

Dates: December 7 – January 25
Day and Time: Fridays, 2:30 – 3:45
Where: Room 4A
Cost: $110
To Register:, registration form available to print here, or on the PTA bulletin board in the front hallwayMore Info: | 503-230-8040

Make and Take Art – Grades K-5

Make and Take is a series of creative classes for children of all ages. Students MAKE a project each class and TAKE it home the same day! Hand-eye coordination, problem solving, 3-dimensional thinking, patience and listening skills are promoted. These projects stimulate minds and open doors to new hobbies.

Jan. 10: Popsickle Stick Boxes
Jan. 17: Shrinky Dinks
Jan. 24: Science Project
Jan. 31: Beaded Snowflakes
Feb. 7: Foam Embossing
Feb. 14: Wood Peg People
Feb. 21: Drawing
Feb. 28: Painting Ceramics
Mar. 7: Koi Fish Art
Mar. 14: Clay Aliens

Dates: January 10 – March 14
Day and Time: Thursdays, 2:30 – 4:15
Where: Room 8
Cost: $225 entire session | $25 individual drop-in classes
To Register: Print the registration form, return it to the front office with check attn: Monica Kaul
More | 503-774-1400 |

Motors, Magnets and Wires – Grades 2-3

Students build an electric motor to discover how electricity propels objects into motion. They explore how current is converted in everyday objects such as cell phones, doorbells, food processors and a car’s starter. Students construct electromagnets to discover the relationship between voltage, current and magnetic force.

Dates: January 17 – March 28
Day and Time: Thursdays, 2:30 – 4 p.m.
Where: TBD
Cost: $165
To Register: and search by school name
More Info: | | 503-200-5859

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Portland Drama Club Musical Production – Grades 2-5

Play, practice, and perform in an EPIC 60-minute musical based on Disney’s Mulan – complete with costumes and sets! Students will not only learn what it takes to put on a professional show, but will boost their confidence and learn the importance of being a team player in a theater setting through fun games, exercises, and techniques the pros use. No formal audition necessary, but we will test kids in class through group and solo singing. With the addition of kung fu and tai chi this is sure to be an experience!

PARENTS please note: Woodstock’s production classes are a huge commitment! Please be aware the purpose of this class is putting on a show for which we can be proud. All kids 2nd – 5th grade will be asked to work hard to memorize lines, songs, and dances for the performance (sometimes outside of class as homework). We believe theater is a discipline to be respected and practiced. This is not simply an after school child care class.

Dates: January 3 – June 6
Day and time grades 4-5: Thursdays, 2:30 – 5
Where: cafeteria
Cost: $425
To Register:
More info: |

Portland Drama Club Theatre Fun – Grades K-1

The perfect class to introduce your child to the world of theatre! Whether your children are brand new or continuing from our previous sessions the kids will learn basic theatre concepts which help to enhance confidence, coordination, listening skills, speech development and team building. The kids will have fun through theater games and activities as well as learn a piece from either a play, a book or a musical theatre song to perform for parents at the end of the session.

Dates:  January 7 – May 20
Days and Time:  Mondays, 2:30 – 3:45
Where: TBD
Cost: $175
To Register:
More info: |

Soccer – Grades K-2

Still using our fun, non competitive format, the Premier program teaches more mature skills and concepts at a faster rate through more complex game play.  Soccer Shots Premier focuses on individual skill, fitness and sportsmanship, providing an opportunity for children to be challenged through fun games and team interaction.  Children will also be introduced to competition in a developmentally appropriate manner.

Dates: January 8 – March 12
Day and Time: Tuesdays, 2:30 – 3:45
Location: Grass field
Cost:  $160 or 2 payments of $80
To Register: or call 503-913-4542 More Info: | 503-913-4542 |

Spanish – Grades K-5

Students will learn Spanish through fun and engaging activities. Experienced instructors teach through drama, art, music, games, every-day children situations, and repetition. Most are native to the language and culture. Some are formally trained; all receive Kids Like Languages training. All have experience with groups of children. They keep it lively and fun.

Dates: January 23 – March 20
Day and Time: Wednesdays, 2:30 – 3:35
Location: 4A
Cost: $153
To Register: |
More | 503-658-1980 |

Wushu Chinese Martial Arts – Grades K-5

Wushu – which is sometimes called Guoshu, Gongfu, or Kung Fu in the West – is the overall term for all self-defense sports in China. Originally, Wushu comprised a set of martial skills used by Chinese soldiers and fighters that were passed on within a family, or a monastery, or from a master to his or her students. Many of these martial arts have an ancient heritage, with Wushu practitioners dating to China’s earliest dynasties. Today, Wushu has evolved to become a national sport in the People’s Republic of China, with standardized forms, judging criteria and annual competitions. Most of the modern competition forms were derived from parent (or classic) styles and forms.

Wushu is best grouped into four categories: fighting with hands or fists, fighting with swords and other weapons, training in pairs, and training in a group. In practice, Wushu incorporates combinations of attack and defense, advance and retreat, movement and silence, acceleration and slowing down, hardness and elegance, pretense and reality.

Providing instruction in the full range of Wushu styles and forms enables us to find the best styles and techniques for each student’s age and physical capabilities. From a physical standpoint, Wushu training in Portland helps students develop strength, flexibility, balance, coordination, stamina, reflexes, and body awareness. On an emotional and intellectual level, we have found that Wushu helps young people gain better self-discipline, focus, and respect both for themselves and for others.

Dates: January 10 – March 21, 2019
Day and Time: Thursdays, 2:45 – 3:30
Cost: $165 (for 11 weeks) + $15 for Nunchucks
More | 503-227-3738

Yoga Playgrounds – Grades K-3

In these fun and active classes hosted by Yoga Playgrounds kids will stretch and energize their bodies and their minds through individual and group poses, mindfulness games and creative relaxation techniques. Packed with playfulness, positivity and fun, these classes give kids the tools they need to manage their behaviors to lead happier, healthier and more peaceful lives.

Dates: January 9 – March 20
Day and Time:  Wednesdays, 2:30 – 3:30
Location:  Room 25
Cost:  $165
To Register:
More | | 541-778-4541